Saturday, May 2, 2015

Good oral health is essential for good overall health

Oral health day is celebrated on 20th March every year to highlight the importance of good care of teeth and gums. According to research about 90%..yes 90% of world population suffers from oral diseases in their lifetime. Many of these diseases can be prevented by just brushing teeth regularly.

Many people are not aware of even basic oral health practices and this is not surprising in poor and underprivileged classes. Brushing teeth is also not a priority among the calamity hit areas. This in turn leads to even worse health problems which many people cannot afford. It puts burden on already stretchered to its limits health care systems.

Another thing to remember is that cigarette smoking, sheesha smoking, paan (betel leaf) chalia, gutka (not sure what they are called in other countries) also contribute to oral cancer and tumors in mouth. Plaque, cavities in teeth and halitosis are also major problems faced by many people. Oral health is essential for overall health because it impacts our chances of getting diabetes, respiratory problems, gastro-intestinal problems, heart problems, stroke and premature or low weight babies.

As parents, teachers, students, writers and good citizens, I think we should all raise awareness about this issue. I think schools should also promote good oral hygiene by distributing free tooth brushes and toothpastes especially in rural and poorer sections of society.

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