Thursday, April 30, 2015

Website review: Persona Paper

We writers are a nomadic lot. Just like a desert dweller in search of a green oasis in the midst of the wilderness, we also go here and there, always searching for a perfect site where we can unleash our creative side and earn to our heart's content. 

Earning money online has become both a necessity and a powerful tool to supplement personal income for millions of people around the globe. One of the best ways to earn online is to join a website that allows its members to write short, informative or personal articles and split the revenues generated with the members. 

I have also been a member of many online sites. Some ended their business (, a few refused to open their doors for the residents of Pakistan ( and others had admins who turned out to be liars, thieves and rogues (CGP Gallery, Elite Visitors, Day2Day Tips) who ran away with people's hard earned money without a word.

Persona Paper:

One site that has stood the test of time is Persona  Paper. I became its member quite a while ago but have started contributing seriously from January 2015.

Before allowed to become a member, one has to write an introductory post which is subject to approval. This allows the admins to admit only those writers who can write in passable English. Hence the quality of articles here is quite good even if the content is light-hearted and trivial. I have not seen any plagiarist, article spinner or spammer on this site. 

The rate of earning is $3 per 1000 views and the minimum payout is currently $20.00. The income is collected in form of coins. Each unique view on a post gets the writer 2 coins.

Minimum post length is just 500 characters (not words)

The most unique thing about Persona Paper is that we get paid for the comments that we post on other people's posts. This gives us quite a control over the amount of money we can make. 

Recent changes

Recently, there have been quite a few changes. Views from members get counted no matter what their country of origin but public views (non-members) get counted only from United States, United Kingdom and Canada. 

As of right now, the site is not accepting any new members from India or the Philippines.

Signing Up:

If you want to be part of Persona Paper, please click on link below and become a member.

This is my referral link. If  you sign up using this link, and post at least 1 valid article, then I will be credited with 25 coins! :-)

If you are not ready to sign up as yet, then just visit the site and read my posts here to get the idea. 

My Posts on Persona Paper


Persona Paper is now shutting down and writers are no longer being paid for their posts. 

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