Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tips for Dealing With Adult tantrums

Adult tantrums are like violent tornadoes that leave destruction and battered souls in its wake. As a family, the best way to handle an adult tantrum is to be reasonable but firm. One should not indulge in insult slinging, name calling or abuse hurling tournament. It is better for one partner to remain calm and silent. Once the tempest is over, they should all sit down together and discuss the issue.

Adult tantrums can be very harmful

Uncontrolled rage or lashing out verbally or physically should not be allowed to become a regular feature in one's life or home. The help of support groups, parents, family members and close friends could be sought to diffuse tensions and stop the situation from worsening. It is best to involve others and seek professional help if other family members feel threatened and fear for their own life and the safety of the children.

In dealing with parents and teen age children, it is very important for all the people concerned to give each other breathing space. Understand each others needs and desires and respect their wishes. Treat each other with dignity and respect because tantrums can lead to harsh words best left unspoken. Once cracked, these precious relationships can never be mended properly.

For a person who suffers from irrational bouts of rage, it is important to address this issue by seeking professional help or family support. 

Tips for dealing with rage:

  • For immediate cure, the best remedy for anger is drinking a glass of water. Not juice or alcohol or fizzy drinks but a glass of water or two.

  • Taking a bath, washing one's face and splashing water on face and head also helps to cool down. 

  • Taking deep breaths, going for a walk or listening to soft music also helps. 

  • Praying, meditation, yoga, exercising, drawing, writing, playing musical instruments or sports all helps to channel out anger and make a person calmer and less prone to violent bursts of anger.

  • Seek professional help if you feel that the situation is not under control or if the person shows violent or suicidal tendencies.

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