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Etiquette of dua: How to supplicate to Allah

The word “dua” refers to sincere and heartfelt supplication one makes to Allah. The dua can be for worldly matters like health, wealth, success and better livelihood. It can also be for spiritual matters like asking for forgiveness for sins, guidance on the right path and for Paradise in the Hereafter.

The dua is actually a testimony of fact that the Muslims consider Allah to be the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and believe that all the blessings come from Allah alone. 

No matter how important or how trivial the need might be, supplicating to Allah shows that the Muslim believes that none on this Earth can withhold what Allah has ordained and no one can grant any such favors which Allah has not constituted in their destiny. Hence it is with this faith and acceptance that a Muslim supplicates to Allah.

Supplication to Allah must be made with complete humility and preferably in a state of physical purity. It is also better to face the Qibla (direction of the Holy Ka’aba towards whi…

Do not be among those who are ungrateful and thankless: My Story

I was born to Muslim parents in a Muslim household. But that was the extent of my being a Muslim. I used to get up for fajr prayers, yawning and grumbling because my dad’s clock was loud enough to awaken the dead. I used to hurry through my other prayers because there was television, college activities and my friends whom I just could not ignore. 
I fasted in Ramadan because iftar things seem more delicious when one is hungry. And I would hand out a few coins to the beggars who would knock on my car window because I had some loose change in my purse after hours of shopping. Yes, that was my extent of being a Muslim.
For the first 20 years, I breezed through my life without a care in the world. I had very loving parents esp my dad who could never say no to any of his four daughters. I had good brains which saw me through school and college. My wardrobe overflowed with colorful dresses and more shoes than I could possibly wear.

When I got married, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter. N…

Website review:

Image is an on-line rewards site where you can complete tasks to win points and then redeem those points for cash via Paypal, Amazon gift cards and Bitcoin payments. The site is free to use and can be joined by members from all over the world. 

There are loads of different ways to earn points with though some of the lucrative offers are only available for members from certain countries. Some of the ways to earn on Earnably are through:

oOffer Walls
oCompleting Daily Surveys
oWatching Videos and ads
oListening to the Radio and putting in a CAPTCHA Code every 10 minutes

There are also weekly and monthly contests to help you earn even more points with Earnably. 

My first impression of the site was that it looks a lot like and people who are active on Chatabout will have little trouble using this site. However the

I like the auto redeem feature on this site which enables you to automatically redeem a pre-selected reward whenever you have enough point…

Because anything is possible

The sky is not the limit If you put your mind to it
Once there, it’s just land beneath your feet.  Look yonder, there are galaxies beyond.
To be explored and conquered  Anything is possible
Reach above and touch the stars  Aim high and decide your own fate
Aspire, struggle and endeavour  Take your destiny in your own hands
Belief is all that’s wanted.  An attempt is all that’s required
Because anything is possible!

Basics of investments

This post comes courtesy my husband who likes to read a lot about investments and financial planning. He says:
If you're satisfied with living on a paycheck that simply covers your present day expenses , then you need to change your financial attitude immediately.  This is one of the many ways to ensure that in your old-age, you will be living on hard times. 
Old-age benefits, pensions , etc. cannot support your current lifestyle in the future. Even if you are saving up cash now, keep in mind that inflation eats up the value of your money. A dollar tomorrow cannot buy the same things that a dollar today can, so simply saving cash will not do the trick.
Any excess money above and beyond the emergency fund should be invested so that the money goes to work for you and increases your wealth . When you invest, you spend money to acquire a thing of value, i.e an asset.
The different avenues of investing include: real-estate , shares/stocks, mutual funds, commodities, etc. Each investment can…

Website review: Daily Giveaway Alert!

Image credit: Daily Giveaway Alert

We all love free stuff and it is always worthwhile to check websites such as Daily Giveaway Alert where we can get information about the latest samples and giveaways that are 100% free.
Daily Giveaway Alert is a relatively new website with a clean, uncluttered look and the offers are updated every 24 hours! Sign up to get an email alert every time their new list of freebies & giveaways goes live. 
The DGA Team promises to personally check every offer so if you want free samples, enter sweepstakes, play instant win games or just have some daily fun, signup for the alerts via email and never miss out on the fabulous offers.

A DGA app is also coming soon. 

Quizbook..Play free online Quiz games and Win Cash...

Image credit:

To be very honest, I am truly addicted to this site.

On Quizbook, you can play free online quizzes, earn points and the points you earn can be redeemed for cash deposits to PayPal... Points are worth 1 cent per 10 point.

There are many categories like science, history, geography, movies etc. You have to answer multiple choice questions and each question has to be answered within 10 seconds. Keep playing and keep earning points.

The minimum payment amount is $10. I have not reached this amount as yet so I cannot really say whether the site really pays but it does look legitimate.

The fun part is you gain knowledge and have a lot of fun. If you want to join the site,please sign up using this code:
Thanks and see you on Quizbook.

I joined Quizbook just a few days ago and have earned 80 cents so far so I cannot really say if the site is legit or scam. I have not reached minimum amount …

A poem dedicated to children of war hit zones in this world

Image credit:
The orphan sits on the pavement  His heart full of fear and woe  His parents were killed in the bombardment,  The bombardment of the bloody war.
The orphan sits on the pavement,  A locket hangs round his neck.  On the back is an inscription__  ‘With Love from Mum and Dad’.
The orphan sits on the pavement,  A beautiful picture in his mind.  The picture of his parents,  A likeness no one can find.
As the blue dome darkens  The street lights come to life.  He has no friends to go to  He knows not even strangers in his life.
The orphan sits on the pavement.  Happiness unknown to his heart.  His parents were killed in the bombardment.  The bombardment of that bloody war.

Easy Eye Care Tips

Our eyes are a great blessing from Allah They let us see the rainbow in the sky, help us read a book, write an essay, admire a painting, choose colourful clothes and matching shoes and help us navigate our way through a crowded park or street. Without eyes or good vision, the world would be a dark, blurred or a scary place.
Eyes play a major role in our everyday lives and yet we do not pay much attention to their care.  Here are some tips for eye care:

Image credit:


Trending Facts : Dramatic photo of a Syrian child refugee that will...

Trending Facts : Dramatic photo of a Syrian child refugee that will...: A photo of a Syrian child raising both arms in front of the cameraman. The photo makes you wonder what was the child doing in that photograp...

Give Charity Whose rewards Never Cease

Allah has promised great rewards for the smallest act of goodness. For those deeds that continue to benefit Allah’s creation ever after the doer has passed away, the rewards and blessings from Allah are unlimited indeed.

Islam encourages us to think not only for ourself but also of others. Sadqa Jariya or charity that is ceaseless is one which keeps on benefiting people long after we have gone to the grave.

Read more at : Ceaseless Charity

Tips for Losing Weight By Following Prophet's Sunnah (pbuh)

Obesity certainly is a problem that has attained epidemic magnitude in many countries where it is increasingly viewed as a serious and growing public health problem.

Major causes of obesity are overeating and a sedentary life style. Islam advocates moderation in eating. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised people that one third of the stomach should be left empty when the meal is finished.....

Read more at http:  Fighting Obesity the Islamic way

The Brave Young Soldier

Zawar jammed the green cap on his head. His bright eyes were shining with joy and pride.

“How do I look, grandpa?” He turned an eager face towards his grandfather.

“Just like a brave fauji jawan (young soldier),” his grandfather replied fondly and Zawar beamed happily. Standing upright on the donkey cart, he saluted the grazing cows, the roadside beggar, the green fields, the grand old trees and even the bleating goats that he saw on the way.

Zawar and his grandfather supplied milk to the army base near their village. Everyday, before dawn, the little boy would help his grandfather milk the cows and cart it to the base canteen. Captain Khalid had befriended the young lad and gifted his old, worn out cap to him. When they reached home, Zawar rushed to show his cap to his mother who was churning butter.

The following evening, a stranger called Durab came to the village. He told the villagers that he wanted to buy some land. He toured the whole area and met everyone. He was terribly interest…

The Colour of Courage

"Have you seen the new girl? Isn't she weird-looking?" Maria snickered.

"She is from some African country. No wonder she looks like this," Laila said scornfully.

Maria and Laila were best friends. They were always together in school but they had one big problem. They loved to make fun of other girls. They invented cruel nicknames for their class-mates and did not care if someone's feelings got hurt. Other girls in the class were wary of their sharp tongue and steered clear of the two friends but Laila and Maria did not care. They had too much fun together mocking their classmates. They were both very pretty girls but this had made them vain. 

"Hey Fatty," Laila called out to Hira, who unfortunately was a bit plump. "Who is that Ugly?"

Hira glared at Laila but answered softly. "Her name is Mbabwe. She is here as an exchange student. Don't be rude to her, Laila. She is a guest in our country."

"Bah, guest indeed," Maria …

Leopards fighting a losing battle for survival in India

Leopards are one of the most graceful and magnificent beasts of prey to roam the earth. Their tawny skin, black and brown spots and sleek, powerful bodies make them a sight to behold.

However, leopards are now fighting a losing battle for survival as more and more of their species are being hunted and killed. In recent weeks, the state of Assam in north-eastern India has been in the news due to rising conflicts between local villagers and leopards.  But, it is not the savagery of the beasts that will make your blood run cold but the brutality of the people in dealing with their feline enemies.


The Sad Plight of Endangered Species in Pakistan

In many poor and under developed countries, there is very little awareness about the importance of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. 
Wildlife is not considered a precious national asset and is often seen as a means of earning a quick profit or just the next meal on the table for a large, hungry family...
Read more:

Website review:

A very long time ago, I joined a website called It was a lot of fun and now after a long time I logged in again to check my account. I was happy to see my account intact and all my points there even after such a long time.

On, members worldwide can participate in surveys, including studies on everything that you eat, drink, drive, watch and do. There are also quickies where you can earn one point for answering a simple question. The site has been around since 1999 so I am guessing it is a genuine one that really pays.

And now for the rewards. The site offers spider-points for every survey that you are invited to do and you accept. These points can then be used for:

Vouchers, from (or in Europe).
Real Cash, via PayPal
Donations to World Vision Australia.
Auctions where you bid using your points.

If you decide to sign up to this site, please use this link:

Make a little cash and h…

Beat Stress to Stay Healthy

20 Great Reasons to Get Up and Get Moving – Breathing Happy: Breathe. Blog. Be well.

5 Ways to De-Stress Your Morning Routine and Breathe Happier!

“Mom, I can’t find my Science Book!”  “Dad, my form is not signed!”  “Honey, have you seen my file?”  “I am too sleepy. I don’t want to go to school.”  “Will you two hurry up? The bus will be here any minute.” If every early morning, your house is filled with yells and groans such as these, you are probably just one of those families that is yet to establish a hassle-free morning routine.... Read more: 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Morning Routine and Breathe Happier!

Sights, sounds and aromas of Ramadan

Fasting has been enjoined upon the Muslims in Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a month of intense prayers, devout worship and religious zeal. But another dimension that makes Ramadan such a unique experience in Pakistan is the accompanying profusion of sights, sounds and aromas that permeate the air and enrich the soul in this holy month

The last days of Shaba’an see a heightened sense of anticipation among the faithful. People crowd on rooftops, remain glued to their radio sets or gather around the television for the news of sighting of the Ramadan moon. As soon as the sighting of the thread-like crescent is announced, the air is filled with cries of “Ramadan Mubarak.” People ring up relatives and friends to convey the glad tidings and wish each other “Happy Ramadan”. 

There is much excitement in households as menus for sehri and iftaar are discussed. Then the muezzins call the faithful for Isha prayers and people go forth in large droves for the first of…

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