Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plastic bags

Plastic bags, plastic bags, they are everywhere.
We throw them, we burn them and they pollute the air.
From rivers and oceans, they come ashore.
They kill aquatic life and yet we ask for more.

Plastic bags, plastic bags, they are a disaster
Using them is destroying our environment a lot faster.
They clog the pipes and choke the drains.
They contain lead that damages our brains.

Plastic bags, plastic bags, oh what a mess has been made
Getting rid of them is a problem; they neither rot nor biodegrade
Choking our earth and causing many diseases
It is time that this madness ceases.

Plastic bags, plastic bags, what a source of pollution.
Let us stop for a moment and think of a solution
We have to stop spoiling our nature’s beauty.
Because saving the Earth is everyone’s duty.

(Written for my son's grade 2 science project)

Most people think that a plastic bag is just a small thing that cannot have a big impact. In many third world countries, use of plastic bags is one of the major reasons why sewage system gets blocked and stagnant water remains on streets and roads giving rise to diseases and sanitation problems. We need to lessen our use of plastic bags and use cloth bags while shopping.

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