Saturday, May 9, 2015

Website review:

Let's admit it, we all love a bit of extra cash. With more and more opportunities becoming available  to earn money online, the doors have been opened for even those of us who are unable to seek jobs outside our homes.

Over the past few years, I have been a member of many sites, some genuine and some which turned out to be scams. One genuine, though slow earning site is Persona Paper which I have already reviewed.

Another genuine site that has been around for quite a while is ChatAbout
It pays you to have an opinion or ask a question regarding just about anything under the sun. Ask a question and have it answered in minutes and earn points. Give your opinion about the latest news and trending stories from around the net and earn points. You get points for writing reviews, articles and trying out various offers in bonus areas (restricted to a few countries....USA, Canada, Australia and UK)

For 1000 points, you can either request a $5 Amazon Gift Card or $5 via PayPal, 5000 points will earn you $25 Amazon Gift Card/ $25 via PayPal while 10,000 points are worth a $50 Amazon Gift Card or same amount in PayPal

It is important to read rules and guidelines carefully and follow them otherwise your account can be in jeopardy. I have recently started using this site so I cannot say how long it takes to reach payout but I have read posts from many people who have declared that they have been paid. 

If you are addicted to the Internet or have time on your hands, try out and get paid to chat about what interests you.

Chatabout is open to all countries but to join you have to be 18+ years old. 

The site is now offering  a bonus FREE 500 points for any person that joins the site, helping you to reach your first cash out even faster. Please use my referral link to join the site today

See you there


The site seems to have vanished without a trace or a warning.

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