Monday, May 4, 2015

Motherhood: Advertisements vs Reality

You have probably seen the advertisements for popular baby products on television many times. One such ad shows a fresh, dewy-eyed new mom being handed a cute, little baby by a smiling nurse. 

The mom kisses the baby on his forehead who yawns adorably and promptly goes to sleep….Both mom and baby are a picture of utter bliss, happiness and contentment.

Well, let me shatter this picture perfect notion of motherhood for you right now and here. Motherhood is a great blessing but it always manages to catch you unprepared. 

No matter how much you read about it or get information from family members, friends, doctors and media, there is something about the real experience that is slightly surreal and at times bizarre.

If you have two or more kids, there is a great probability that an uncooked meal is beckoning you from the kitchen, the sink is full of dirty dishes and your laundry basket is overflowing. 

Your older child is yelling his algebra problem at the top of his voice from the living room for you to solve mentally, the younger one is crying from the bathroom because there’s soap in his eyes and the new baby is wailing at top of her lungs because she wants milk and she wants it NOW!! 

Your bedroom might look as if a tornado has hit the place and you’ll be wondering how shoes, towels, shirts, socks, toys, books and crayons that you put away so neatly and diligently every morning find their way back into the living room every evening. You might prepare and practice all that you want but the secret to surviving the motherhood is to accept the inevitable and enjoy the unexpected.

It is said that when your first baby is born, a mother is born too because while the woman existed the mother did not. 

Motherhood is the most demanding job on earth but also one of the most rewarding ones. It’s just that the rewards come in guise of toothless smiles, drooling grins and a chubby little hand who wants nothing more than to hold your finger and for a mother that reward is more than enough! 

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