Friday, April 24, 2015

Splashing in Puddles

There was once a naughty little lad
His tricks and jokes drove people mad

When it rained, he’d jump in puddles
And splash water all over Mr. Cuddles.

More water over the neighbor’s cat
And all over Mr. Hodge’s tall hat.

Murky water all over his sister’s toy.
Oh, isn't he a naughty little boy?

He’d splash water over anyone who came near
Got them all wet but he just didn't care.

“I won’t play with you”, said his friend.
“You got me wet, your ways must mend.”

Little Tommy laughed and jumped from the wall
Into muddy puddles, some big, others small

A big shiny red truck speedily roared by
Making Tommy jump up with a loud cry

Its wheels churned up the puddle water
Over Tommy, it all spluttered and spattered

Drenched and cold, dirty and draggled
Poor Tommy went home, sad and straggled

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