Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adopt the Right Attitude

Ali and Ahmed were best friends. One day, the weather was very pleasant. The two friends decided to go to the park for some fun. When they reached the park, they found that it very crowded. Lots of people had come there to enjoy the good weather with their families. Many people had gathered outside the ticket booth at the main entrance of the park. 

 A young man kept asking the people to form a queue so that tickets could be issued quickly in a disciplined manner. Ahmed decided to help him but Ali was irritated. 

“What nuisance! It will take such a long time to get the tickets. I’ll push my way to the front,” he said. 

Ahmed stopped him. “Don’t be silly, Ali. Pushing and jostling will make matters worse. A fight might break out. If everyone makes a queue, things will proceed smoothly and people will get entry tickets quickly.” 

Ali grumbled but did not push matters. He stood in line and to his surprise, their turn came quite quickly and they were inside within minutes. When they reached the rides, they saw that there were long queues there too. 

Many children were hopping about excitedly with tickets clutched in their hands. Ali got impatient again. “I want to go up the Ferris wheel. Isn't it terrible that we have to stand here waiting for our turn while others are having fun?” 

Ahmed looked at his friend with exasperation. “Ali, how can we have fun if you complain and criticize everything? These children were here before us so it is their right to go up the Ferris wheel first. We can have ice-cream while we are waiting for our ride. Come on.” 

Ahmed dragged his friend towards the ice cream vendor. They bought some delicious cones and munched them while watching the ducks in a nearby pond. Soon it was their turn and they had tremendous fun. 

 While coming down from the Ferris wheel, Ali saw that that people were making a queue outside the Pirate’s Ship. He thought it would be fun to climb abroad. He leapt over the steel railing to get to the front of the queue. 

Unfortunately, he slipped and twisted his ankle very badly. Hearing his groans, some people helped him to the first aid booth. Their outing was completely spoiled. Ahmed felt sympathetic and angry towards his friend at the same time.

 “Ali, I am really sorry that you are in so much pain but it is your own impatience that caused you this harm. Do you know a wise man once said that it is your attitude towards life that determines your life’s attitude towards you? Having fun does not mean getting to front by pushing others out of the way. It comes from waiting patiently for your turn and enjoying the small things in life.”

“You are right, Ahmed. I feel so ashamed of myself. I was in a hurry to try everything but managed to enjoy nothing and got my foot twisted too. I am sorry I spoiled our outing.” 

“It is okay, Ali,” Ahmed said, making a funny face on the white plaster that covered Ali’s foot. 

“Now just get well quickly so that we can go out again together and have some fun.”

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