Thursday, April 23, 2015

An ode to pizza

A pizza for breakfast, a pizza for lunch

A pizza for dinner, I would love to munch

Let it be round, let it be square 

If it’s a pizza, I really don’t care

Pizza with pepperoni, pizza with cheese

I’ll have another and more of these.

My pizza is hot, my pizza is yummy 

Hear that growl? That’s my tummy.

Thin crust or deep pan, vegetable or meat 

Roasted or grilled, melting in the heat

Olives and tomatoes, onions and bell pepper 

On Parmesan or ricotta, mozzarella or cheddar

Top it with cheese, herbs and spices 

I’ll eat it whole, no need for slices.

Crispy and zesty, tasty and crunchy 

All these have made me a big pizza junky

Take my burger, have my sandwich 

Stare if you want, beg if you wish.

Smell the aroma, just don’t come near. 

That’s my pizza and I’ll never share.

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