Monday, April 13, 2015

Money Is Not Everything

Money, lots and lots of it. That was all she ever wanted.

Money to buy diamonds, designer clothes, expensive perfumes, to go around the world in a luxury cruise… money that never ran out, money that multiplied by itself.

Albert would laugh and shake his head. He was such a simple man, content with the little that they had.

“Julie, learn to be grateful for your blessings. You have a roof over your head, food on your table, warm clothes in winter… you have your beauty, your health and you have me,” he would always add laughing.

She would pout and throw a cushion at him and secretly wonder how he could be content with such simple things in life.

“Be patient, sweetheart. We are just starting off. I have been making some investments. In a few years time, we will have everything that you so desire,” he would say whenever she gazed yearningly through glass windows of elite shops which the rich frequented.

Then one day, he was dead.

Julie’s mind saw everything in a blur. The policemen who informed her of her husband’s death due to a hit and run accident, seeing his body in morgue, the friends and family members who came and went in a steady stream, the flowers and then silence in their small but neat apartment.

She had visitors. One was the head of HR department of the company for which he worked. The other was an agent from an insurance company. Her brain registered words like ‘a fine employee,’ ‘great loss to company’ and then ‘accidental insurance’. They talked about stocks and shares and money getting doubled with careful investments. One patted her on the shoulder. The other shook her hand while handing her a check.

The amount astounded her!

Tears ran down her face as she realized that she had everything her heart had desired within her grasp…except for the man she loved.

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