Friday, April 17, 2015

Make Your Home an Oasis

Of Homes and Health:

Our home environment has a great deal of influence on our health and sense of contentment. A clean, well maintained home adds to our sense of well being and a badly kept one just adds stress to our life. Our home is also a reflection of our personality, taste and aesthetic sense.

In spite of our best efforts and desires, not all aspects of our home can be controlled or changed easily. However, there are a few areas that should be assessed regularly because failing to do so imposes unnecessary stress on ourselves.

Identifying the problem areas in our homes:

Walk around your home or apartment and ask yourself the following questions:

Is my home comfortable?
Am I using the space efficiently?
Do I have adequate cooling, heating and ventilating facilities?
Are my walls clean?
Is my house cozy and cheerful or dull or drab?
Do I get too much outside noise like traffic sounds?
Do all members of the house have enough space and privacy?
Do my electric appliances and faucets etc work properly?

On basis on these questions, assess whether your home is giving you unnecessary stress and take measures to remedy the situation.

Tips to spruce up your home

A house that is cluttered, dirty, poorly maintained and does not give privacy can cause us to feel depressed and put us under emotional strain. If you are not happy with how your house looks, follow the following tips to remedy the situation:

If lack of space is an issue, get rid of all clutter. Getting rid of old clothes, shoes, newspapers, crockery etc can free some space and give you a cleaner house.

A coat of paint can take care of dirty walls.

Re-organize the furniture to make the house more spacious. Small houses do not need too many decoration pieces.

Use rugs, cushions, wall frames and indoor plants for a more cheerful, vibrant appearance.

Check fans, light fixtures, taps, knobs etc for maintenance issues and replace inefficient appliances with more energy saving appliances.

Make your home your oasis and a place of physical comfort and mental well being!

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