Friday, November 6, 2015

Quizbook..Play free online Quiz games and Win Cash...


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To be very honest, I am truly addicted to this site.

On Quizbook, you can play free online quizzes, earn points and the points you earn can be redeemed for cash deposits to PayPal... Points are worth 1 cent per 10 point.

There are many categories like science, history, geography, movies etc. You have to answer multiple choice questions and each question has to be answered within 10 seconds. Keep playing and keep earning points.

The minimum payment amount is $10. I have not reached this amount as yet so I cannot really say whether the site really pays but it does look legitimate.

The fun part is you gain knowledge and have a lot of fun. If you want to join the site,please sign up using this code:

Thanks and see you on Quizbook.


I joined Quizbook just a few days ago and have earned 80 cents so far so I cannot really say if the site is legit or scam. I have not reached minimum amount as yet. So whoever joins does so at his or her own risk. I am learning lots of new facts so it is fun in its own way.


The rules at Quizbook are now changed and the minimum payment is now $5. I requested payment and got paid promptly. However the rate of each correct answer is now 0.7 point instead of 1 point so now it takes longer to reach payout. (20 correct answers mean 14 points instead of 20 points).

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