Monday, August 3, 2015

Website review:

A very long time ago, I joined a website called It was a lot of fun and now after a long time I logged in again to check my account. I was happy to see my account intact and all my points there even after such a long time.

On, members worldwide can participate in surveys, including studies on everything that you eat, drink, drive, watch and do. There are also quickies where you can earn one point for answering a simple question. The site has been around since 1999 so I am guessing it is a genuine one that really pays.

And now for the rewards. The site offers spider-points for every survey that you are invited to do and you accept. These points can then be used for:

Vouchers, from (or in Europe).
Real Cash, via PayPal
Donations to World Vision Australia.
Auctions where you bid using your points.

If you decide to sign up to this site, please use this link:

Make a little cash and have some definite fun!

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