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25 Tips for a Great Childhood

You might think it is boring to be a child with endless schoolwork, tests, exams, home chores and every grownup. bossing you around but remember that childhood is a short season. These beautiful, carefree days will pass and how you turn out as an adult depends on the things you learn and experience in your early childhood. 

During your childhood, you will probably form many habits, many of which you will find harder to change later in life. Therefore it is very important that you choose a lifestyle that will help you to become a happy, healthy and responsible adult. 

Let us look at some key areas which affect you physically, emotionally and socially and learn which pitfalls to avoid and which values help you become a better person.


1. Be polite. Good manners help you get along with other children as well as with adults. Remember to say Thank you, Sorry, Please and You’re welcome whenever an occasion arises requiring these magic words. 

2. Be true to your word. Take time to think before you make a promise or a commitment. Don’t make fun of other people nor use foul language. It makes a person look unrefined and inelegant. 

3. Be considerate of others. Your grandparents might be old and may want some peace and quiet while resting in the afternoon. Do not watch TV or listen to music at an ear splitting volume. 

4. Respect each other’s privacy. Try to understand that others might not want to join in your activities because they may want to rest, study or do something else. It is not a reason to throw a tantrum or start a fight.

5. Everyday there are so many things that demand your attention that it becomes very easy to focus on only your own needs and requirements. Express your interest and concern for your parents, grandparents, siblings and friends by asking simple questions such as “How was your day?” Do you need any help?” “Can I do something for you?”

Self Care:

1) Keep yourself clean and tidy all the time. Take baths often especially in summer season, brush your teeth regularly, trim your nails and wear clean clothes. 

2) Be physically active. Whether you play team sports like cricket, tennis or football or exercise by yourself by riding a  bike, swimming or skipping a rope, find an activity that keeps you fit and healthy. 

3) Learn the importance of eating a balanced diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday and limit your intake of junk food. Consuming too many salty and fried foods can cause pimples, make you look unhealthy and low in energy.

4) Be sure to get the right amount of sleep at night. While we are sleeping, our body rejuvenates, restores and repairs any wear and tear we might have suffered. It also promotes muscle growth and allows our brain to rest so that we face each new day with a bright smile and a fresh mind. 

5) Sometimes we want to be happy but our hair, skin, teeth and eyes decide to give us a tough time. Weight problems, dandruff, lice, pimples, weak eyesight and misaligned teeth can make us feel very dejected and target for ridicule. 

Remember you are not alone and millions of children go through these problems while they are growing up. Talk to your parents and discuss what can be done. Your family doctor can help you or you can seek help from experts such as a nutritionist, dermatologist, dentist or an optician who have plenty of ways to help you out of your troubles.  

Home and School Activities:

1. Read at least 3-5 books a month. Books open up new worlds of imagination, information and creativity.

2. Choose television programmes wisely. Limit your TV viewing to 1-2 hours daily. 

3. Take pride in your school work and always do your best. Remember that millions of children do not have the opportunity to go to school, read a book or write with a pencil. Be conscientious about school tests, assignments and homework and help your siblings in their school work too.

4. Try new activities at school or after school. Childhood is a great time to explore your talents and acquire new skills and interests. Do not be afraid of doing badly or failing. 

5. Help around the house. Keep your room clean and learn to put away your clothes, shoes, books and other belongings away every night before going to bed. This is a very important habit to cultivate as a cluttered room gives rise to stress and makes you look slovenly. 

Handling Emotions:

1. It is alright to feel negative emotions like fear, anger, stress and sadness but do not use tantrums, tears and threats as a means of getting your way.

2. Learn to stand up for yourself. Confide in your parents if something or someone is troubling you but do not expect your parents to solve all your problems for you. 

3. Learn to share and have a generous heart. It might be tempting to eat the whole chocolate bar but it is definitely better to break it in smaller pieces and share it with your siblings. Share your toys, books and food with your brothers and sisters or donate things that you do not need any longer. 

4. Learn to value money. Try to learn about budgeting and how to save money, or how you can help. Help adults in the house save money by switching off lights and fans 

5. Listen to what others have to say. You need not agree with everything that others around you say or feel but lend an ear to other people’s opinion. Treat them with same courtesy and respect as you would want for yourself.

Danger alert

1. Being adept at using the Internet is an integral part of today’s lifestyle. However it is very important to remember to practice Internet safety at all times. Never give your name, phone number, school name and address to strangers without consulting an adult first. 

2. Do not upload personal photos or information on social websites. Alert your parents if you are getting unsolicited messages from anyone or if there is anything that makes you uncomfortable.

3. Be very careful when interacting with strangers online. Remember that people online do not always tell the truth and might use number of ways to befriend you or win your trust. 

4. If you want to sign up for a website, give fictitious name and information. Similarly, do not buy products online unless you consult an adult first. Never agree to meet someone you have met online on your own.

5. Remember your parents are your best friends. If you have done something naughty, confide in them. Even if they scold you a bit, they will protect you from all sorts of troubles. 

First Published in Dawn, Young World, July 9th, 2016

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