Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Because anything is possible

The sky is not the limit
If you put your mind to it

Once there, it’s just land beneath your feet. 
Look yonder, there are galaxies beyond.

To be explored and conquered 
Anything is possible

Reach above and touch the stars 
Aim high and decide your own fate

Aspire, struggle and endeavour 
Take your destiny in your own hands

Belief is all that’s wanted. 
An attempt is all that’s required

Because anything is possible!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Basics of investments

This post comes courtesy my husband who likes to read a lot about investments and financial planning. He says:

If you're satisfied with living on a paycheck that simply covers your present day expenses , then you need to change your financial attitude immediately. 
This is one of the many ways to ensure that in your old-age, you will be living on hard times. 

Old-age benefits, pensions , etc. cannot support your current lifestyle in the future. Even if you are saving up cash now, keep in mind that inflation eats up the value of your money. A dollar tomorrow cannot buy the same things that a dollar today can, so simply saving cash will not do the trick.

Any excess money above and beyond the emergency fund should be invested so that the money goes to work for you and increases your wealth . When you invest, you spend money to acquire a thing of value, i.e an asset.

The different avenues of investing include: real-estate , shares/stocks, mutual funds, commodities, etc. Each investment can have a different purpose, i.e it can be held by the investor because it increases in value or it can generate a periodic income .

Starting out:

When you start out, you won’t know what the best type of investment for you is. It is, therefore, important that you initially invest in the most defensive manner possible.

In other words, put your money in highly reliable and low risk investments. These are likely to generate less income, but this accounts for security. Don't be enticed by investments with high returns, because, inevitably, they also entail high risk of losing your investment.

For a moment, consider what you would have to go through if you lost your investment – and remember to keep this advice close to your heart.

Another method of ensuring the security of investment is to diversify, such as spread your savings to different types of investments. This way if one investment is doing poorly, the others will provide you a cushion to any losses.

The easiest way is to put your money in a reputable mutual fund where an experienced person will manage your money to keep it safe and profitable. The amounts required are low and can be built upon with time.

Where to invest:

A good investment is something that benefits you during difficult times or when an important need arises. You can invest your money in real estate, shares/stocks, mutual funds, commodities, etc.

Each investment can have a different purpose, i.e it can be held by the investor because it increases in value or it can generate a periodic income.

For example, you may invest in the stock or shares of a company. If it is a stock of a good company, i.e if the business fundamentals of the company are good, then you may periodically receive dividends from the company as it earns profits. With time, the value of the stock may also increase as the company grows so that when you have to sell the share, you will sell it at a profit.

With some assets, you need to continue spending money on them even after you have acquired them. So, if you buy an apartment, the apartment will be generating an income for you through rent.

However, you will be spending money on maintenance and property-tax As long as the balance of expenses and income means that there is (a) a net inflow of cash and (b) in a suitable amount, then that investment may be considered fruitful.

Educating yourself is the most important investment you can make and the one which will generate the greatest returns. Don’t take this casually. Otherwise others and not you will be in control of your money.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Website review: Daily Giveaway Alert!

We all love free stuff and it is always worthwhile to check websites such as Daily Giveaway Alert where we can get information about the latest samples and giveaways that are 100% free.

Daily Giveaway Alert is a relatively new website with a clean, uncluttered look and the offers are updated every 24 hours! Sign up to get an email alert every time their new list of freebies & giveaways goes live. 

The DGA Team promises to personally check every offer so if you want free samples, enter sweepstakes, play instant win games or just have some daily fun, signup for the alerts via email and never miss out on the fabulous offers.

A DGA app is also coming soon. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Quizbook..Play free online Quiz games and Win Cash...


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To be very honest, I am truly addicted to this site.

On Quizbook, you can play free online quizzes, earn points and the points you earn can be redeemed for cash deposits to PayPal... Points are worth 1 cent per 10 point.

There are many categories like science, history, geography, movies etc. You have to answer multiple choice questions and each question has to be answered within 10 seconds. Keep playing and keep earning points.

The minimum payment amount is $10. I have not reached this amount as yet so I cannot really say whether the site really pays but it does look legitimate.

The fun part is you gain knowledge and have a lot of fun. If you want to join the site,please sign up using this code:

Thanks and see you on Quizbook.


I joined Quizbook just a few days ago and have earned 80 cents so far so I cannot really say if the site is legit or scam. I have not reached minimum amount as yet. So whoever joins does so at his or her own risk. I am learning lots of new facts so it is fun in its own way.


The rules at Quizbook are now changed and the minimum payment is now $5. I requested payment and got paid promptly. However the rate of each correct answer is now 0.7 point instead of 1 point so now it takes longer to reach payout. (20 correct answers mean 14 points instead of 20 points).

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A poem dedicated to children of war hit zones in this world

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The orphan sits on the pavement 
His heart full of fear and woe 
His parents were killed in the bombardment, 
The bombardment of the bloody war.

The orphan sits on the pavement, 
A locket hangs round his neck. 
On the back is an inscription__ 
‘With Love from Mum and Dad’.

The orphan sits on the pavement, 
A beautiful picture in his mind. 
The picture of his parents,
 A likeness no one can find.

As the blue dome darkens 
The street lights come to life. 
He has no friends to go to 
He knows not even strangers in his life.

The orphan sits on the pavement. 
Happiness unknown to his heart. 
His parents were killed in the bombardment. 
The bombardment of that bloody war.

Say MaShaAllah Laa Quwata Illa Billah

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