Sunday, May 17, 2015

Taste of Hunger: A Poem

Have you ever tasted hunger?
Have you ever been its prey?
Do you know what it means
When hunger comes to stay?

A little loan from a shark
Brought misery upon us all
Every day he would come
Push a little and watch us fall

“The money you pay is not enough!
Your farm and crops, goats and cattle
All mine as your debt remains.”
In silence, the village saw the losing battle

One day he took it all and threw us out
As our village watched behind curtains tattered
Evil triumphed when compassion failed
Cruelty laughed as humanity shattered

We have been hungry for many a days.
Or weeks or months or perhaps some years
Can no one heed our pleas for help?
Does no one care, does no one hear?

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