Monday, March 30, 2015

The Day the Animals went to School

One fine day, the beasts of the Animal Kingdom were lazing around a waterhole when they heard a loud “ding, ding, ding” sound. It was coming from a school near their jungle.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we went to school too?” asked the Hippopotamus.
All the animals looked very excited.

“Yes, yes. Let’s go to school and get some education,” cried the Giraffe.

The animals made an orderly line and went off to school. First in line was the King of the Jungle, the mighty Lion. He was followed by the wily fox, the big brown bear, and Jumbo the elephant.  Then came the monkeys, the wise owl and the old alligator. The spotted deer, the long necked giraffe and zebras also joined them. What a sight that was! In a neat straight line, each followed the other till they reached the school.

The Lion wanted to ask the permission of the headmaster to enter the premises. He thought that it was a polite thing to do. But what came out was a mighty roar that frightened all the students and the teachers who quickly ran away leaving the poor headmaster alone to teach the animals their lessons.

He stood in the corner of the classroom, shaking with fright as the lion entered majestically and sat on the chair in front of him. The bear also wanted to take a seat but alas it broke under his weight and so he had to sit on the floor. The alligator occupied the whole front area right under the blackboard.

The monkeys entered and quickly swung from the fans and tube lights chattering with delight. The wise owl flew in from the window. He perched on a stack of books on the desk and quickly went to sleep. It was day time, you see and he had spent the entire night hunting for mice and rats.

The poor giraffe tried to enter but could not get in. His neck was too long so it stayed in the compound sighing mournfully.  Next came the elephant but he got stuck at the door and had to be happy with just his trunk attending the class. The other animals found the door blocked so they decided to play outside.

Meanwhile in the classroom, the headmaster opened a book. The monkeys felt that ABC’s were boring so they decided to have fun instead. They pelted each other with chalks, books and ink pots and soon the whole class was a mess.

The bear wanted to be the monitor and keep discipline in the class but the naughty monkeys just leapt from desk to desk, leading him a merry dance. The bear scrambled all over the chairs and desks and broke everything. He flopped down tired and defeated.

The alligator also lost interest and eyed the headmaster hungrily. “Is it lunch time, already? “He wondered. He yawned broadly and when the headmaster saw its teeth, he quickly jumped into a cupboard and closed the door.

The alligator chomped down the book but did not find it tasty.

Alas! The school was over and the animals went back to the jungle without learning their ABC’s. It did not matter because they already know a very important thing.

They knew how to make a neat, orderly queue. Do you?

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