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The Kingdom of No Rules

(Dedicated to my children who often wish that rules did not exist)
Ali! Clean your room at once! Have you seen how messy it is? And don’t you have any homework to do? Get up at once.”

Ali groaned as his mother scolded him from the doorway. He pulled a pillow over his ears and tried to dive deeper into the bed. His mother glared at him for a minute and then gave a last ultimatum.

“I am going out to buy some groceries. When I come back, your room should be clean or you can do without your computer games for one week.”

“That’s not fair, Mom,” Ali tried to argue but his mother had already left the room.

“Bah!” Ali thought angrily. “I wish I was a prince or an emperor. Then nobody could order me around. I’ll give orders and everyone would jump to fulfill them. If I had a kingdom of my own, it would have no rules and no work, only fun … “

There was suddenly a bright light and Ali blinked in amazement. His bedroom was gone. In fact he was not even in his own house. He looked around in wond…

A Truly Inspirational Story: I Tried...And I made It

Don't Give up
Posted by Faakhir Mehmood on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Very Heartwarming Thai commercial which leaves me misty eyed whenever I see it.

Heartwarming Thai Commercial
Heartwarming Thai CommercialThe Most Crazy And Amazing VideosTintu-Mon
Posted by Tintu-Mon on Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Day the Animals went to School

One fine day, the beasts of the Animal Kingdom were lazing around a waterhole when they heard a loud “ding, ding, ding” sound. It was coming from a school near their jungle.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we went to school too?” asked the Hippopotamus.
All the animals looked very excited.

“Yes, yes. Let’s go to school and get some education,” cried the Giraffe.

The animals made an orderly line and went off to school. First in line was the King of the Jungle, the mighty Lion. He was followed by the wily fox, the big brown bear, and Jumbo the elephant.  Then came the monkeys, the wise owl and the old alligator. The spotted deer, the long necked giraffe and zebras also joined them. What a sight that was! In a neat straight line, each followed the other till they reached the school.

The Lion wanted to ask the permission of the headmaster to enter the premises. He thought that it was a polite thing to do. But what came out was a mighty roar that frightened all the students and the teachers who …

Telling Lies

Sarah and Mariam looked at the glass fragments on the floor with horror. They could not believe what had just happened. They stared at each other and could not find a single word to say. Oh! What will happen now?
Mariam was Sarah’s best friend.  They were inseparable in school. Now it was summer vacation and the two friends had missed each other very much. One day, Sarah’s mother invited Marium over and the girls were ecstatic. They had spent the entire day drawing and painting, playing games and watching the latest Hunger Games movie. Sarah’s mother had gone to the market to buy some goodies for the tea and the two friends were alone at home. 
Sarah decided to show her friend a very expensive crystal vase that her father had gifted her mother on their wedding anniversary. She took her friend to the drawing room and carefully removed the vase from the glass cabinet. 

She knew it was strictly forbidden but she wanted to show off a bit. 
Mariam looked at the fragile vase with wonder. T…


One evening, Riwzan was sprawled on the comfortable sofa in his living room. He was eating peanuts while watching television. Rizwan loved to eat peanuts. They were his favorite snack. He found it difficult to shell peanuts and watch his favorite cartoon program at the same time so he yelled for Ali, the nine year old son of their house maid.

“Ali! Come here at once!”

When the thin, little boy came quietly into the living room, Rizwan ordered him to crack open the peanut shells and place them on a plate for him. After a while, Rizwan happened to glance at Ali who was sitting on the carpet beside the sofa. He saw that Ali had surreptitiously put a peanut in his mouth and was munching it silently.

Rizwan temper exploded in a flash.

“How dare you eat my peanuts? You thief!” He leapt from his sofa and smacked Ali hard on the face.

As Ali began to cry softly, Rizwan’s mother hurried into the room.

“What has happened? What is going on here?” She asked worriedly.

“He was eating my peanuts. …

Tearing Down the Walls

A football sailed over the boundary wall and landed with a thud on the driveway. It bounced a little and rolled over the green turf before coming to a halt near the big oak tree. A black tire was swinging from the tree branch where Ali spent most of his afternoons alone and silent.

A dull look crept in Ali's eyes as he recognized the ball. It belonged to his cousin, Fawad. Ali made no attempt to pick it up but continued straddling the tire with both his arms wrapped around the thick cord.

A memory, unbidden and unwelcome, intruded upon his solitude. "If I ever catch you playing with him, I'll throw you out of my house. Do you understand, boy?" Ali could hear his uncle shout as he shook Fawad's arm in a fit of uncontrollable temper. "You are never to talk to him again. Do you understand me?"

Little Ali, bewildered and afraid, could only stare at his uncle as the adults around him continued to rant and shout at each other. Sniffling and gulping back tear…

The Missing Crown

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a king. He was a very good, kind-hearted king but he had one major fault. He was always forgetting his things.

Someday he would misplace his royal shoes. At other times, he would lose the gold keys to the treasury. Sometimes he would not be able to find his diamond ring. So you see, he had a very forgetful memory His servants would always rush around the castle looking for his things.

One day, the king got up early in the morning. A very important guest was coming to his castle that day. The guest was the king of the neighboring country and the king wanted to look his best. He took five hours to get ready.

First, he wore his white, silk tunic. He then put on his new, purple robe. Then he tied his bright, red sash around his waist. On his feet he wore velvet shoes. He put on his gold and diamond rings. At last when he felt that he looked his best, he decided to sit upon his throne and wait for his noble guest. He looked at the red…

True Happiness comes from Helping Others

Amir woke up feeling very happy. It had been his birthday a few days ago and his friends and family had given him many presents. Best of all, his grandfather had given him five thousand rupees.

His father had promised him that he could do whatever he wished with his money and Amir knew what he wanted – a complete cricket kit with gloves, pads, bat, helmet and, of course, a shiny red ball. With this kit, he knew, he would be the envy of all the boys in the neighborhood.

Cricket was Amir’s passion. He wanted to play for his country when he was older. His room was adorned with posters of cricketing giants like Imran Khan, Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar and his favorite Shahid Khan Afridi. He wanted to emulate these stars when he grew up and right now a good cricket kit would help him further his ambitions.

Every night he would lie in his bed and dream about playing cricket. What runs he would score with his new bat! Fours and sixes, half centuries and maybe hundreds. The shiny red ball wo…

Yasmeen's Prayers

Razia and Yasmeen worked silently in the spacious kitchen.  Razia was making batter for the pakoras while her young daughter, Yasmeen was carefully cutting fruits for the chaat. 
There was going to be a lavish iftar party in the house later in the evening. The owner Mr. Hameed worked in a large multinational company and a few of his colleagues were coming over for iftar. Mrs. Hameed was busy making delicious dishes and giving out instructions to Razia and Yasmeen.
The sight and aroma of all the food being prepared reminded Yasmeen of the quarrel between her mother and her older brother that had taken place in the morning. Her brother Rameez had passed his matric exams with very good grades and some of his friends wanted to come over to congratulate him. 
Razia did not have enough money to feed six or seven boys. Her husband was a car mechanic and Razia worked as a maid in two houses to make ends meet. 
Rameez had been bitterly disappointed when Razia had told him that she could only serve…

Good Deeds Never Go Waste

"Oh, dear! I can’t remember if I have locked the back door or not,” said Hafsa.

Her husband brought the car to a screeching halt. 

“Really, Hafsa!” Abdullah said in exasperation. “Now we will have to go all the way back.”

They had been looking forward to their holiday. Abdullah had booked seats in a newly launched luxury train for the weekend. They were to go sightseeing, do a little shopping, eat some exotic food and spend some time together.

“I’ll just be a minute!” Hafsa promised, keys in hand, as they reached their house.

The house had two doors. One in front, which the family used, and one at the back, which was mainly used by the maid, milkman etc. Hafsa dashed to the back only to find the door firmly locked and bolted.

“What a waste of time,” she said wryly, shaking her head. Just then, there was a frantic knock on the back door.

Startled, Hafsa peeked out of the side window. There was an old man outside. She unlocked the door.

“I am very hungry, lady. Do you have some food for an…

The Electricity Bill

Why aren't you eating your pizza, Saba? Don’t you like the flavor?”

Mrs. Hameed asked her daughter who was staring at her dinner plate silently.

“No, mother. It’s fine. I am not very hungry,” said the young girl.

“What the matter dear?”

“Mother, do you know Yasmeen got punished in her school today? She has red welts on her palm where the headmistress has caned her,” Saba told her mom.

Mrs Hameed frowned. Yasmeen was Razia’s daughter who worked as a maid in their house. She was about the same age as Saba and studied in a government school.

“That’s terrible, Saba. But do you know why?”Mrs. Hameed asked.

“Razia does not have an iron in her house.  And even if she did, they can’t afford to pay the electricity bills. Yasmeen went to school and her uniform was very crumpled. The headmistress got angry and punished her severely.” Saba answered her mother’s questions forlornly.

“That’s very sad. But dear, what can we do?”
 “Mother can’t you allow Razia to iron Yasmeen’s uniform in our ho…

The rich harvests of sowing kindness

Once upon a time, in a village called Kukkupura, there lived an old farmer, Karim Deen. The people of the village were very poor and worked hard to feed themselves and their families but times were hard. Sometimes there was little rain and the crops failed to yield a good harvest.
Though poor, both Karim Deen and his wife possessed a heart so kind and generous that they would gladly loan their farm tools to any farmer who had no money to buy his own. They would also give a portion of their crops to the neighbors who had a poor harvest. People came to Karim Deen and his wife with their troubles and they never turned anyone away empty-handed.

One day Karim Deen had an accident while working in his field and hurt his back. He came back home in great pain. His wife called the local hakeem, who gave him some medicines and advised him to rest. It was harvest time and the crops were ripe in the field. Karim Deen worried and fretted that if the crops were not harvested in time, they might ro…

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