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Website review:

I recently joined and I must say I am enjoying the site very much. 

What are Spheres?
There are 20 Spheres on Niume or Channels ranging from 

•  Animals
•  Architecture & Design
•  Art
•  Business & Finance
•  Culture
•  Fashion
•  Food
•  Games
•  Humour
•  Interesting
•  Lifestyle
•  Literature
•  Movies & Series
•  Music
•  News
•  Photography
•  Science
•  Sport
•  Technology
•  Travel

What are Hypes?Hypes are basically Likes and Dislikes. You can help increase the Hype by pressing the Like button. These votes are anonymous.

How Do you Earn?
You can earn money on Niume by submitting sharing posts. For every 1000 views you earn a dollar. Money is paid by Paypal when you accumulate $10.

The posts do not need to be long and can be as short as 5 sentences but they need a picture or a video. Interesting content gets shared very quickly. 

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10 Tips to Prevent Spread of Infectious Diseases

Most infectious diseases are passed from person to person, or get transmitted via bites from insects or animals. Other ways of getting infected are by eating contaminated food and water or coming in contact with virus and germs present in the environment. 

Our habits play a big role in determining whether we stay immune to infectious diseases or get infected easily. Here are some tips to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at home, school and workplace. Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol sanitizers frequently especially before eating, before and after preparing food and after going to the toilet.
You should also wash hands thoroughly if you have been to a public place, have been gardening, petting an animal, taking out trash or handling garbage.
Hands should be washed thoroughly after cleaning up body fluids such as vomit, nasal secretions, blood or saliva.
Do not share personal items such as tooth brushes, towels, undergarments, shaving razors and combs with other p…

Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning

During the summer season, bacteria and fungi can cause food to rot or decay and make it unfit for human consumption. Mould can grow quickly on bread or oranges and cause them to rot and turn green. Similarly bacteria can breed quickly in milk or curry that is left at room temperature and cause it to turn sour.

Some bacteria like E.coli can cause food poisoning which can result in diarrhea, vomiting, severe stomach cramps. It is very important to know how to store food so that we and our loved ones are safe from food contamination and food poisoning.

→Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling food, before eating and after using the toilet.
→Cook food thoroughly at high temperature.
→If you are buying packaged food, then always check the expiry date.
→Avoid canned food in which cans are badly dented or bloated.
→Avoid food with torn seals or open packaging.
→Wash all fruits and vegetable thoroughly once you get home from shopping. Let them dry on a rack or basket with hole…

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