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Sights, sounds and aromas of Ramadan

Fasting has been enjoined upon the Muslims in Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a month of intense prayers, devout worship and religious zeal. But another dimension that makes Ramadan such a unique experience in Pakistan is the accompanying profusion of sights, sounds and aromas that permeate the air and enrich the soul in this holy month

The last days of Shaba’an see a heightened sense of anticipation among the faithful. People crowd on rooftops, remain glued to their radio sets or gather around the television for the news of sighting of the Ramadan moon. As soon as the sighting of the thread-like crescent is announced, the air is filled with cries of “Ramadan Mubarak.” People ring up relatives and friends to convey the glad tidings and wish each other “Happy Ramadan”. 

There is much excitement in households as menus for sehri and iftaar are discussed. Then the muezzins call the faithful for Isha prayers and people go forth in large droves for the first of…

Summer Activities for Children

Keeping the children entertained during the long, hot, summer afternoons can be quite a challenge. For some parents, summer camps provide a solution to this dilemma, but not everybody can afford or choose to spend thousands of additional rupees just to keep the children occupied. Taking expensive trips which involves hotel rents and airfare is also not always an option. Hyper active children cooped up indoors can be difficult to manage but it is equally vexing to watch your children behave like couch potatoes and waste both time and opportunity.
Sometimes as parents we get so involved in the nitty-gritty of daily routines that we forget to enjoy parenthood with those who make our lives complete. So this summer take out time out of busy schedules and create fond family memories for yourself and your children by enjoying simple things together.
Rediscover the magic:This summer introduce your children to the magic of classic Hollywood cinema. For each week of the month, select a classic an…

Learn something new

Stop Littering Now!!

“I did not drop it. It’s not my problem.”
“Who cares? I am here for a little while only.”
“No-one’s looking and the trash can is too far away.”
“What are sweepers for anyway?”

Littering is common and the evidence is everywhere around us. Have you been to park recently or a busy market area? Perhaps you have gone to the stadium to watch a Twenty20 match or visited a sick relative in the hospital? 
Do you know what all these places have in common? Lots of people come here for fun, work and entertainment and when they go back home, they leave behind a mountain of smelly trash and dirty rubbish behind them.
Our good and bad habits have a severe impact on our environment. Littering is a terrible habit and yet we do not seem to care. Go to any park and you’ll find apple cores, banana peels, orange rinds and melon skins that are left strewn around. These make the parks and gardens look like rubbish dumps instead of a recreational place where people go for health and refreshment. 
Go to any public p…

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