Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Website Review: Chillkey.com

I have been writing online for many years now and most sites have been international. I have written for many socio-blogging sites like Bubblews, CGP Gallery, Persona Paper and many others. 

Some of these sites folded up their business. Some disappeared without a word and others made great promises but could not compete with other sites.

For the first time however, I am writing for a Pakistani site called Chillkey. Though there are very few members here and the earnings are slow because of limited membership, it gives me great pleasure to write on a platform that has been started by people of my own country.

The site has been around for quite a while now but has not really taken off. The admins however seem to be getting serious about tackling low quality, plagiarized posts and improve the site in general. 

The rules are simple:

5000 max characters for a post

The payment threshold is Rs. 1000/-

The rates are as following:
1 Like = 0.25 PKR
1 Comment = 0.80 PKR
1 View = 0.05 PKR

International members are paid via Western Union. Writers from Pakistan are paid through EasyPaisa, Payza, Mobicash, UPaisa,Timepay etc.

I have not cashed out as yet so I cannot promise if the site is legit on the basis of my own experience. But two people have received payments. The admins have posted about their success and the successful members have verified this information too. 

If you are looking for a new platform, try out this site as well. 

Here’s my referral link

Who knows, you might enjoy the experience!

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