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Etiquette of dua: How to supplicate to Allah

The word “dua” refers to sincere and heartfelt supplication one makes to Allah. The dua can be for worldly matters like health, wealth, success and better livelihood. It can also be for spiritual matters like asking for forgiveness for sins, guidance on the right path and for Paradise in the Hereafter.

The dua is actually a testimony of fact that the Muslims consider Allah to be the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and believe that all the blessings come from Allah alone. 

No matter how important or how trivial the need might be, supplicating to Allah shows that the Muslim believes that none on this Earth can withhold what Allah has ordained and no one can grant any such favors which Allah has not constituted in their destiny. Hence it is with this faith and acceptance that a Muslim supplicates to Allah.

Supplication to Allah must be made with complete humility and preferably in a state of physical purity. It is also better to face the Qibla (direction of the Holy Ka’aba towards whi…

Do not be among those who are ungrateful and thankless: My Story

I was born to Muslim parents in a Muslim household. But that was the extent of my being a Muslim. I used to get up for fajr prayers, yawning and grumbling because my dad’s clock was loud enough to awaken the dead. I used to hurry through my other prayers because there was television, college activities and my friends whom I just could not ignore. 
I fasted in Ramadan because iftar things seem more delicious when one is hungry. And I would hand out a few coins to the beggars who would knock on my car window because I had some loose change in my purse after hours of shopping. Yes, that was my extent of being a Muslim.
For the first 20 years, I breezed through my life without a care in the world. I had very loving parents esp my dad who could never say no to any of his four daughters. I had good brains which saw me through school and college. My wardrobe overflowed with colorful dresses and more shoes than I could possibly wear.

When I got married, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter. N…

Website review:

Image is an on-line rewards site where you can complete tasks to win points and then redeem those points for cash via Paypal, Amazon gift cards and Bitcoin payments. The site is free to use and can be joined by members from all over the world. 

There are loads of different ways to earn points with though some of the lucrative offers are only available for members from certain countries. Some of the ways to earn on Earnably are through:

oOffer Walls
oCompleting Daily Surveys
oWatching Videos and ads
oListening to the Radio and putting in a CAPTCHA Code every 10 minutes

There are also weekly and monthly contests to help you earn even more points with Earnably. 

My first impression of the site was that it looks a lot like and people who are active on Chatabout will have little trouble using this site. However the

I like the auto redeem feature on this site which enables you to automatically redeem a pre-selected reward whenever you have enough point…

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