Sunday, March 29, 2015

The rich harvests of sowing kindness

Once upon a time, in a village called Kukkupura, there lived an old farmer, Karim Deen. The people of the village were very poor and worked hard to feed themselves and their families but times were hard. Sometimes there was little rain and the crops failed to yield a good harvest.

Though poor, both Karim Deen and his wife possessed a heart so kind and generous that they would gladly loan their farm tools to any farmer who had no money to buy his own. They would also give a portion of their crops to the neighbors who had a poor harvest. People came to Karim Deen and his wife with their troubles and they never turned anyone away empty-handed.

One day Karim Deen had an accident while working in his field and hurt his back. He came back home in great pain. His wife called the local hakeem, who gave him some medicines and advised him to rest. It was harvest time and the crops were ripe in the field. Karim Deen worried and fretted that if the crops were not harvested in time, they might rot and months of hard work would be wasted in no time. As he did not have enough money to hire laborers to work in his farm, he felt miserable.

Things seemed very bad to old Karim Deen as selling crops was his only source of income. About a week later, Karim Deen lay in his bed by the window and gazed at the view of his farm outside. He gazed sadly at his green fields and the golden mustard flowers that were swaying gently in the slight breeze. Then he saw something that made him sit up in sheer amazement, without being careful about the backache.

He called his wife who hurried to his side. Through his window, they both saw a sight that brought tears of joy and gratitude to their eyes.

All the villagers, young and old, men and women and children too, approached Karim Deen`s fields with sickles and scythes, tractors and threshers, and other reaping equipment to gather the ripe crops. Shoulder to shoulder, they all worked under the hot sun. The elders called out instructions while the women and children plucked the ripe crop.

The men made neat bundles and carried them to the tractor trolleys to transport them to the market. Day after day, they came to work on Karim Deen`s field after working in their own and harvested his crop for him.

Karim Deen's neighbors and fellow villagers had not forgotten the generosity they had been shown. They arranged the transport and sale of his crops and gave all the money earned from it to Karim Deen. Such are the rich harvests of sowing kindness and goodness.

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